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Holy Noise | 777+ Pop Songs with a Bible reference

Discover the many crossovers between the Bible and pop music. Author Corjan Matsinger developed a playlist with references, allusions and direct quotations from the Old & New Testament. Most of the songs you can find on the Spotify playlist ‘Holy Noise’, otherwise check out YouTube to find the enlisted listed song.

You can download the complete Holy Noise list right here after a donation for the Holy Noise project. Give what you like, from 1 euro to 20 euro, we would love to continue our research projects about pop music and spirituality.

Help me to produce a podcast series to open up the stories behind the Holy Noise songs!

From 777 to 1001 Pop Songs

It must be possible to find more Holy Noise songs. Help me to enlarge this list to 1001 songs! If you know of a song that is not on the list, please send it and its Bible reference to me and make my day!

Holy Noise | 777+ Pop songs with a Bible reference is part of a bigger project by Corjan Matsinger, a Dutch author who still has not found what he is looking for. Corjan is the author of ‘Heilige Herrie’ (Holy Noise) a book about the crossovers between faith and pop music. He developed many playlists on Spotify such as ‘Divine Disco’ (secular praise songs), ‘Prayers Up’ (Prayers in pop music) and ‘The Saints are coming’ (songs about saints).

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